Expert Advisors Tutorial

Expert Advisors Tutorial

1. close MT4
2. right click on start button left corner. left click on explore.
3. Scroll down until you find program files and click on the + sign.
4. scroll down until you find your broker MT4 folder and click on the + sign
5. here in the experts folder is where you place your EA. (not in the indicator folder)
6. Start your MT4 program back up.
7. Make sure you Navigator window is open on the left side, below the currency prices.
8. scroll thru the navagtor until you find your EA.
9. Drag that EA into your chart window.
10. Right click in your chart window and select Expert Advisors and then select properties.
10. this will bring up the menu of settings.
11. You can adjust the settings to any that you have found in this thread or use your own.
12. select the common tab and make sure the Allow Live Trading is selected
13. press ok.
14. go to the top of the program and make sure that the menu tab for Expert Advisors shows a green arrow and not a red x. if the red x is present, just press the tab and it will go green.
15. You should now have a smiley face in the right hand corner of your screen.Please ignore the steps you already know. I have no idea what your level is…hope this helps…


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