Simple Trading Strategy

Simple Trading Strategy

Some traders tend to use so many strategies which force them loosing money. This is a bad attitude in order to make money from trading. And they tend not to believe their own strategies, every time they ask and look for new ones even a very complicated strategies.

Do we have to do that just to make a penny each day from trading ?. Why should we trust others strategy than our own strategy.

Do you find it difficult just to “quests’ UP or DOWN? I have many friends who used many strategies on Fore and I concluded that most of them use very complicated tricks which make them sitting in front of their desktop.

The best strategy for me is:
It should make money and it should be very simple because I do not have any time to read on Fore forum asking here and there “UP or DOWN”.

We can find in many forums a lot of free and paid strategies and I suppose most of them are very profitable for the creators and on the other hand they could not generate profit for others.

Why..? Because we never stick to it but we have a tendency to get a new one which the creator publish in their website or forum.

Here in this blog I will try to give some strategies which really make money and profitable . And I want to arm you with a strategy that once implemented, can take a lot of emotions out of your trading.

Your goal is only :
-to enter position as soon as signal created and
– to exit position as soon as signal created.

The emotion should be gone from trading and you must enter and exit trading with discipline and focus.

EMA 5/13/62

I do not need to explain here EMA, traders know them and you can read it in many Forex books.

Where is the Signal ?

-When 5 CROSSES below 13 and both of them CROSS below
62, It’s a good signal to SELL

-Inversely we can assume that when 5 CROSSES above 13, and
both CROSS above 62, It’s a good signal to BUY.

It’s very simple right ? Just buying when the signal croses above and Selling when the signal crosses below.

What is the chart time frame ?

It’s better to use 30 minutes or 1 Hr time frame..


You should be prepared to buy anytime 5 crosses above 13
And you should be prepared to sell anytime 5 crosses below 13
You should be prepared to do this even if they do not simultaneously cross 62.

I t means that you must be ready that a trade might be coming.

When 5 is crossing below 13, and at the same time 13 crossing below 62. This can be very powerful.

Set a stop l loss at 20 pips beyond 62 EMA
Trail the trade by 20 pips using trailing stop loss.

Let your system exit the trade for you , abed on stops and limits.

It’s very simple right. I am sure that you frequently see this strategy everyday but I am not sure that most of us can generate profit.

Happy trading.


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