Top 5 Economic Indicators

Top 5 Economic Indicators

There are many factors that affect the Forex trading. When learning to trade on the Forex is it important to know and understand the various factors that cause the Forex to fluctuate from day to day. The foreign exchange market will change depending on the several economic factors that play a role in the movement of currency.

When looking at the Forex, economic factors and indicators are released by the government or by private organizations that can look in depth at economic performances. The economic performances from any country can be analysis by these indicators. The economic reports measure a country’s economic health, in addition to government policies and current events.

Most of the time, a reputable broker can look at economic indicators and can give advice on which trades will be the best. Reports on these indicators are released at scheduled times and can tell if a certain country is experiencing improvement in the economy or if it is on the decline. When the prices fluctuate, a great deal one way or the other, the price can be affected.

One of the top economic indicators used when analyzing the Forex is current events and the state of the economy in any given nation. Factors such as unemployment numbers, housing statistics and the current state of a country’s government can all affect the changes in the Forex. When a country is feeling good about the current state of affairs in their country, the prices of the Forex will reflect this. When a nation experiences political unrest, large amounts of unemployed workers and inflation, the rate of the currency will also be reflected. Sometimes, this indicator tends to be overlooked, but can serve as an important gauge in the fluctuations of the Forex.

Another economic indicator that is used when looking at the foreign exchange market is the gross domestic product, also called the GDP. This is normally considered the widest and broadest measure of the economy in a country. The gross domestic product represents the total market value of all goods and services that are normally produced within any given country. This is usually measured in the time frame of a year, and not in weeks or months. Using a larger time period gives good statistics on the products and services that are produced in the country. This indicator is not used alone when forecasting the Forex. Usually the gross domestic product is considered a lagging indicator, meaning that is a measurable factor that changes after the economy has already began to follow a certain trend.

The third economic factor that is often used in analyzing the Forex is the retail sales reports. This is the total receipt of all retail stores in any country. Usually, this measurement is not every single retail sale, but is a sample of diverse retail stores throughout the country. This is considered a very reliable and important economic indicator because of the consumer spending patterns that are expected throughout the year. This factor is usually more important that lagging indicators and give a clear picture of the state of the economy in any country.

The industrial production report is another reliable economic indicator in the foreign exchange market. This shows the fluctuation in productions in industries such as factories, minds, and utilities. The report looks at what is actually produced in relation to what the production capacity can be over a period of time. When a country is producing at a maximum capacity in this way, it can positively affect the Forex and is considered ideal conditions for traders.

The last important economic factor in analyzing the Forex is the consumer price index or the CPI. The consumer price index is the measure of the change in the prices of consumer goods in 200 categories. This report can tell whether or not a country is making or losing money on their products and services. The exports that a country has are very important when looking at this indicator because the amount of exports can reflect a currency’s weakness or its strength.

The Forex is affected by many factors. These factors usually follow a certain trend so it is important to understand how each factor works in forecasting the Forex. Some are good indicators alone while others should be used together for accurate Forex predications.


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